Perch FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Perch

Who is Perch for?

We’ve designed Perch for small local businesses who a) need to maintain an active online presence and b) keep up on the social and review activity for their own business, their competitors, and others in the neighborhood or across the country. Perch works great for restaurants, bars, local retailers, spas, salons, gyms, and other local merchants.

In a nutshell, what does Perch do?

Perch tracks social posts and reviews for your own business and your competitors in one app (on your iPhone, Android phone, or on the web). Perch also tracks your customer activity and looks for ways to improve your online presence, reputation, and outreach. Perch identifies the most important marketing tasks for your business and provides guidance on how to accomplish them.

What are the greatest benefits of using Perch?

Perch is a huge time saver for staying informed and connecting with your customers online! Instead of having to visit multiple social and review sites, you just check Perch. You can also quickly jump to your social sites and "like" posts, respond, and share.

How much does Perch cost?

Perch is free.

How can I get Perch?

You can download Perch from the App Store or Google Play. Or you can sign up on the web by visiting

What exactly is tracked by Perch?

Perch tracks Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram activity as well as reviews from Google and Yelp.

Are there any stats in Perch?

Yes, you’ll see stats for your own business and the competition. Stats include audience size, post engagement, and other customer activity such as check-ins and tagged images. Perch even compares your stats to those of the competition.

Is it difficult to set up Perch?

No, all you need to do is connect your social accounts and choose the businesses you would like to watch. The rest is done by Perch.

How much time does it take to use Perch?

Just a few minutes per day. Perch is a mobile app, so you can check it whenever you have some time. Any suggestions we have for you are quick and easy, and only take a few minutes of your time.

I have multiple businesses - how does that work?

You can track multiple businesses with Perch. However, you can only select one business as your own. You will receive review notifications, marketing guidance, and a weekly Performance Report for this business only. As a workaround, you can create multiple accounts with unique email addresses.

Can I send reports to multiple people?

Perch sends reports to one person. Of course, you can forward the emails to as many people as you like.

What type of phone or computer do I need for Perch?

Perch works on the iPhone and Android phones. You can also use Perch on the web using the most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox.

What kind of help and support do you offer?

We offer email support Mondays through Fridays at We typically get back to you within one business day. Most of the time, we respond much quicker.

How can I contact you?

Send an email to

Not finding what you are looking for? Send us an email, and we’ll get back to you quickly. Email us