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How to Jumpstart Your Chatter

Chatter is an organic measure of the talk about your business. With that being said, there is no real way for you as a business…
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3 Ways to Get More Instagram Chatter

Instagram has been growing in popularity as a creative, visual social platform. At Perch, we think Instagram provides an…
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What is Chatter and Why Does it Matter?

At Perch, we think of chatter as the talk and commentary that’s out there about your business. Chatter generally happens over t…
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Ideas for Increasing Engagement on Facebook

Generating engagement for your business on Facebook is important for a couple of reasons. Engagement builds credibility for your…
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Where to Find Engagement Stats in Facebook

It’s important to keep an eye on your engagement numbers. You‘ve worked hard to build your audience, but Facebook penalizes you if …
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