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5 Reasons Why the Size of Your Social Audience Matters

If you’re wondering whether the size of your social audience really matters, the answer is Yes. It's typically a good idea to k…
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3 Ways to Build Your Audience with Facebook Ads

Facebook offers some sweet, low-cost ways for you to grow your audience. One of the greatest benefits of Facebook advertising is…
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How to Invite Friends and Customers to Your Facebook Page

At Perch, we encourage small businesses to invite customers, prospects, and personal friends to follow their business on…
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3 Simple Ways to Get Facebook Followers

All of your best customers will search for your Facebook page, but chances are that most people need a little nudging. Get the…
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What is Chatter and Why Does it Matter?

At Perch, we think of chatter as the talk and commentary that’s out there about your business. Chatter generally happens over t…
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