Why Engagement Matters in Social Media

by the Perch Team

Generating engagement for your business does not have to be difficult. In fact, we have seen and compiled some really fun and creative ideas for increasing engagement, which are linked at the bottom of this article. In Perch, we see that some businesses engage more than others on social media. Perhaps your business works less on social media engagement because you just don't know the importance. Let's focus on why engagement matters in social media for small businesses.

In social media, your business should engage your customers for simple reasons:

Customers Continue Seeing Your Posts

You've probably heard how Facebook chooses who sees your posts. If more of your audience engages with your posts, then Facebook will continue to show posts to those people. This is based on an algorithm that aims to show those posts to Facebook users that are of most interest. If your fans don’t engage with your posts, Facebook will show fewer and fewer of your posts to these fans. So keep engaging them!

Customers Spread Your Message

When users comment, like, favorite, share and retweet, they are spreading your message. If you write engaging (interesting, funny, motivational) posts, you are more likely to earn engagement. The more engagement, the further your message travels.

Customers Come Back to Your Business

Studies show that increased engagement directly correlates with return visits to your business. This makes sense, because consumers stay informed and build a connection with your business.

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