5 Reasons Why the Size of Your Social Audience Matters

by the Perch Team

If you’re wondering whether the size of your social audience really matters, the answer is Yes. It's typically a good idea to keep building your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter audiences. Although Facebook made changes to no longer show your posts to your entire audience, growing your social audience is still important if you want to grow your business. Here is why:

Social Proof

If a lot of people like or follow your business, it shows prospective customers that you’re doing something right. Customers definitely glance at your audience size to gauge your business. A large social audience instills confidence. Plus, it's a factor in your search ranking as well.

Greater Marketing Reach

This is just simple math. If only a fraction of your audience gets to see your posts, you have to increase the overall audience to reach more people. The bigger the pie, the bigger the piece.

Exponential Viral Marketing

The beauty of social networks is in the viral marketing. When you grow your fans and followers, your viral audience increases exponentially. If just 10 new followers or fans like, comment, or retweet to their own networks, your messages have the potential to be seen by an additional 100+ or more potential customers. For reference, the average Facebook user has 200 friends, the average Instagram user has 150 followers, and the average Twitter user has 208 people following them.

Larger Ad Audience

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer low-cost advertising to reach all of your friends and followers. These social networks let you use your audience for advertising to others with similar characteristics. The more fans and followers you have, the more people you can also reach through advertising.

Increased Sales

Studies have shown that liking and following businesses tend to create an emotional attachment. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers visit an establishment more frequently and inevitably tend to spend more money at your business.

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