Reviews are Great for Marketing

by the Perch Team

It’s a well-known fact that consumer purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by online reviews, so it makes sense to pay close attention to them. Reviews are also considered one of the most important ways to boost your SEO ranking. Here are three ways you can incorporate reviews into your marketing strategy to win over new customers on review sites, your social pages and even search engines.

Respond on Review Sites

Get in the habit of commenting on reviews. We don't recommend commenting on every positive review, but you will find plenty of opportunities to comment on some of your reviews with a little more information about your business.

For example, your customer talks about the great service they received from one of your team members. You can comment by thanking the reviewer and sharing more info about the person, for example how long they have been working at your business.

Sending a private "thank you" response is a great way to show your appreciation and let your customers know that you are paying attention to their feedback.

Should you receive a negative review, we recommend that you respond. It demonstrates that you are listening and are addressing any potential issues. It's a powerful tool to build trust with your prospective customers and an opportunity to point out your business strengths. Consider any response to a negative review a marketing message to your prospective customers.

Share Reviews to Social Networks

We've noticed in Perch that the overwhelming majority of reviews is positive, and reviews are often more convincing than your own marketing messages. Pick a few positive reviews and share them periodically to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages. It's quick and easy. If your fans and followers agree with the review, they might share it with their friends for some powerful word-of-mouth marketing.

Monitor Your Ranking in Search Engines

Today, Yelp and Google reviews are shown practically anytime a consumer is searching for a local business – whether they are searching from their phone, tablet or desktop. The number of reviews and star ratings impacts how high your business ranks on maps and in search results. SEO Experts agree that reviews account for 10% of the overall local ranking factors. Paying attention is critical, especially if your business depends on attracting new customers. Make sure you know how your reviews compare to your competition and take action if necessary to attract more reviews.

Here is who sees your Yelp and Google reviews:

Yelp Reviews

Yelp started syndicating their listings a few years ago, and now Yelp listings have a much larger audience than in the past. They are used in:

  • Apple maps on all iphones
  • Bing searches
  • Mapquest
  • Yahoo Local
  • Voice searches (Alexa, Siri)

Google Reviews

Although Google reviews have not been around as long as Yelp, they are growing quickly and have a wide distribution in:

  • Google searches
  • Map searches on all Android phones

The bottom line is that reviews are widely distributed. The more recent reviews and more positive reviews exist for your business, the more exposure it gets. Of course, consumers are also more likely to choose your business!