How to Share Your Yelp Reviews

by the Perch Team

Don’t be shy about sharing positive reviews and customer feedback with your fans and followers on your social networks. Customer feedback is great validation for your business, and chances are your happy customers will gladly share positive reviews with their own network.

Here is How:

  • When Perch notifies you of a positive review for your business, follow the links to the review on Yelp on your phone or desktop.
  • Make sure you are logged in to your social networks for your business.
  • Then click or tap Share review.
  • You can share to Facebook and/or Twitter and add a comment such as "Starting a day with a 5 star review”, “Great reviews make it all worthwhile” , “We feel lucky to have the best customers”, etc.

We recommend giving it a try. It’s quick and easy. In addition to great marketing value, sharing reviews lets your customers know that you’re paying attention.