How to Handle a Bad Review

by the Perch Team

Did you check your Perch app just to find a negative review for your business? You’re not alone. If you’re in business long enough, negative reviews are bound to happen from time to time.

We are often asked what to do about negative reviews, so here is some advice from the experts:


Make sure you’ve claimed your Yelp or Google+ listing and get ready to respond. First, take a deep breath and wait until you’re no longer emotional. Think of your response as a chance to enhance your reputation, don’t be defensive, and keep it brief. Keep these three tips in mind for your response:

  • Own the issue. Make sure to communicate that the issue is important to you and that you are sorry the customer had the problem. Customers need to feel that you’re listening and that you care.
  • Describe how future customers will not have this issue. Tell your (prospective) customers that something has changed and the issue will not happen to them. Describe that you put a new process in place, for example.
  • Offer to fix the issue (optional). Your business will spend a lot of time and money on sales and marketing. Although you can’t always fix every issue, your offer to fix a reviewer’s problem is a great marketing investment. In the response, suggest that they contact you directly so you can try to resolve the issue.

Solicit Reviews

The best defense is offense! Solicit reviews from your happy customers every chance you get – in your business, in your emails, on your bill. Increase the number of positive reviews, so that one negative review won’t do much harm.

While the majority of online content is ignored, customer reviews stand out and actually get read. Love or hate online review sites, customer reviews are likely one of your most valuable marketing assets. So take control!